What is the eRep CPQ Setup Process Like?

We made the eRep CPQ setup process faster and easier than most other solutions. We believe in starting off with the basics and get you up and running quick.

First, we assign you an analyst that is familiar with your industry to find out the details of what you are trying to accomplish so your goals can be reached. We also let you know how to grow sales even faster.

Then, one of our implementation specialist works with you or your team to configure eRep and load your first product to show you how it is done. With a little extra training, you can take it from there.

Busy? We know your team is busy with other things – like your customers and other initiatives. If you would like BCA or one of our partners to load the rest of your products turn-key, we can give you a fixed price quote and get it done fast.

Customizations? No problem. BCA can add any customization plug-in and leverage what you may have already done in spreadsheets, PC apps, or other solutions.

Integration? No problem. eRep’s APIs can be configured to integrate with just about any other software system like ERPs, CRMs, Marketing and custom software.