Why Distributors want eRep CPQ instead of a CRM

I just did a very interesting software demo for a manufacturer’s rep firm who sells boilers, pumps, valves, tanks, and other products.  They have 5 offices and represent 35 manufacturers.   They need software to manage their opportunities and do quoting.  I spent about 30 minutes showing them Dynamics365.  They stopped me in the middle of the demo and said “this is kinda what we already have.  My boss really liked your eRep program we saw at your booth the AHR Expo.  Can you show us that instead?”  

So I switched the demo to eRep CPQ.   The rep firm committee told me within 15 minutes “…we are totally blown away.  By far, this is the best solution we have seen anywhere… its exactly what we need….”

I told them that to enter configuration pricing rules for all 35 manufacturers products takes time – its not like just uploading a item price list.  Their reply: “the time savings is worth it!”

Wow!  Before today, we always told reps that, no, we only sell it to manufacturers.

So – as of today – we are going to start offering eRep CPQ to distributors and manufacturer’s rep firms and train them how to enter pricing from their manufacturers price lists and spreadsheets.

See the demo video