Field Service

Perform service work faster and easier

  • Integrated with Office 365, Outlook
  • Paperless from customer request to invoice
  • Resource Scheduling and Management
  • Set up and customized for your business
  • Training and support for successful rollout

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service provides you with the visibility and efficiency you need to perform as a world-class field service organization.

BCA Technologies meets with you to understand how you are running your business now and recommends best practices. We work with you to configure the applications with your data, and customizes the solution to meet your specific business needs and any integration requirements.  BCA’s 20-year software, industry and business experience ensures your company gets a smooth transition to this modern software platform that can scale your business to the next level.

Contact BCA Technologies for a quote to implement Dynamics 365 Field Service to improve the efficiency and profits for your business.


Service Agreements

Manage terms, conditions, and automated renewals of contracts and Service Level Agreements. Track warranties against customer assets, provide visibility into terms and expiration dates.  Ensure that service and billing conform to agreement and warranty requirements. Classify customer assets and track location, repair history, and maintenance schedules.

Schedule & Dispatch

Balanced workloads by identifying and organizing available resources by category to intelligently balance workloads and resources. Match skill sets of the technician against the requirements of the work order. Decrease driving time between work by creating a schedule with geography, customer preference, availability, and SLAs in mind.


Create purchase orders, check inventory, and return parts tied to work orders all within a single web application.  Permission levels limit who can do these tasks, data is real-time so everyone works more efficiently.

Optimize Resources

Let the software help optimize your field service techs by sending the right tech, with the right skills, and right equipment, to the service call.  This is more efficient for you, and your customers.

Increase Efficiency

With a technician’s smart phone app, they have the power to look up work orders, installed equipment information, past history, contacts, and other information that helps them be more efficient in the field.

Go Paperless

Save time and money by letting your service techs receive their schedules at home or on the road as the day starts and unfolds.  When they arrive at the customer’s address, the work order with required service information at their fingertips.  Techs can speak or write their notes and prepare a quote right on their […]

Deliver Service Efficiently

Still doing things the old way?  Or with outdated software? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service provides a modern, powerful platform to take service calls and emails and assign the service to the right service tech(s), with the right skills, at a time coordinated with the customer and the overall service schedule.   This optimizes your tech […]