SalesPop eCommerce Software

Boost your sales with eCommerce Software

Help customers search, click and buy faster and easier

Lets face it, most people prefer buying online if they can – when and where they want.

SalesPop eCommerce software is a cutting edge, mobile ready, “Amazon style” eCommerce software solution for B2C and B2B online purchases.

In these digitally-connected times, your customers expect a lot from their online buying experience.  But without automated, intuitive eCommerce tools, meeting customer online demands can be challenge.

Now more than ever, your online store needs to provide customers with a familiar, streamlined, and effortless buying process.

With SalesPop, you can add selling online in days, not months.

SalesPop Features and Benefits

Increase sales by enhancing buyer’ shopping experience

  • Customers find your products easier on Google and Bing via SEO
  • Compare products with a few clicks
  • Download digital products such as apps, reports, and whitepapers
  • See and purchase related products (via cross-selling and up-selling)
  • Choose their preferred language

Simplify Ordering

  • Calculate shipping and taxes instantly
  • Accept multiple currencies
  • Provide credit card payment and PO options

Optimize Customer Service

  • Process orders with ease
  • Access customer’ purchase histories to provide support
  • Expedite returns for greater customer satisfaction
  • Enable customer review and rating features for herd buying

Streamline Back Office

  • Quickbooks Online integration
  • ERP integration
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Marketing emails
  • Manage eCommerce operations and pricing

Make every transaction easy and profitable
eCommerce sales are quickly replacing traditional phone sales as the preferred choice of your customers.

And unlike many out-of-the-box eCommerce sites, BCA Technologies can customize your eCommerce site to fit your business perfectly.  Also, you can use SalesPop stand-alone or integrated with your financial systems.

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Customization Example:

Premiere Shows Group is a trade show company that had an outdated web eCommerce solution for trade show ticket and class sales.  They noticed that many of their customers were using phones to search and register for their trade shows.  And their system was not mobile friendly.  Therefore, they needed a modern solution to sell trade show passes and classes but only to licensed, verified professionals in their industry.

BCA Technologies customized SalesPop eCommerce to handle multiple customer types and perform automated professional license verification process and validation required prior to purchasing their tickets and classes.

The sales impact was immediate.  Premiere Shows is now using SalesPop to sell over 100,000 tickets a year at 5 trade shows.  Customers can buy tickets on their phones, computers, from sales reps, or call in.   The sales result has been spectacular.  Plus, BCA automated uploads of license data from state license databases and SalesForce sales from their reps.

This saved hundreds of hours of manual work per trade show.

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