Engineering Software

Over 20 years of developing product selection software solutions used by tens of thousands of engineers and technical sales teams world-wide to design equipment and allow customers to select equipment.  We make it easier for customers to enter design conditions and select the right product for their situation.

Mechanical/Industrial Product Solutions Include:

  • Psychometric, air, gas, fluid properties
  • Coil heat exchangers of all types, gas, fluids
  • Fan coil unit systems
  • Chillers, starters, and accessories
  • Boilers, water heaters, burners, tanks, and accessories
  • Cooling towers
  • Air handling units, fans, VFDs, economizers, accessories
  • VAV boxes, laboratory air valves
  • Grilles, Registers, ADPI
  • Louvers, dampers, actuators, other air devices
  • Pumps, Valves, actuators, piping, insulation, filters
  • Gas tube heaters
  • Duct calculations
  • Piping calculations
  • Heat transfer calculations

Electrical Product Selection Solutions Include:

  • Power, wiring sizing
  • VFDs, control panels
  • NEC calculations
  • Electric heaters
  • Generators, and accessories
  • Control, Security, Communication Systems
  • LED lighting
  • Solar systems

Not in the above list?  No problem!  We are experts at designing user-friendly apps that make it easy for your customers and other engineers to enter design conditions and get selections.

We have mechanical and industrial engineers on staff that work with our professional development team to provide a custom solution.  We are also partners with other software and product vendors to provide a complete solution.

Contact BCA to schedule a time to discuss your situation with one of our engineers.

Field Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service provides you with the visibility and efficiency you need to perform as a world-class field service organization.

BCA Technologies meets with you to understand how you are running your business now and recommends best practices. We work with you to configure the applications with your data, and customizes the solution to meet your specific business needs and any integration requirements.  BCA’s 20-year software, industry and business experience ensures your company gets a smooth transition to this modern software platform that can scale your business to the next level.

Contact BCA Technologies for a quote to implement Dynamics 365 Field Service to improve the efficiency and profits for your business.


Service Agreements

Manage terms, conditions, and automated renewals of contracts and Service Level Agreements. Track warranties against customer assets, provide visibility into terms and expiration dates.  Ensure that service and billing conform to agreement and warranty requirements. Classify customer assets and track location, repair history, and maintenance schedules.

Schedule & Dispatch

Balanced workloads by identifying and organizing available resources by category to intelligently balance workloads and resources. Match skill sets of the technician against the requirements of the work order. Decrease driving time between work by creating a schedule with geography, customer preference, availability, and SLAs in mind.


Create purchase orders, check inventory, and return parts tied to work orders all within a single web application.  Permission levels limit who can do these tasks, data is real-time so everyone works more efficiently.

Optimize Resources

Let the software help optimize your field service techs by sending the right tech, with the right skills, and right equipment, to the service call.  This is more efficient for you, and your customers.

Increase Efficiency

With a technician’s smart phone app, they have the power to look up work orders, installed equipment information, past history, contacts, and other information that helps them be more efficient in the field.

Go Paperless

Save time and money by letting your service techs receive their schedules at home or on the road as the day starts and unfolds.  When they arrive at the customer’s address, the work order with required service information at their fingertips.  Techs can speak or write their notes and prepare a quote right on their […]

Deliver Service Efficiently

Still doing things the old way?  Or with outdated software? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service provides a modern, powerful platform to take service calls and emails and assign the service to the right service tech(s), with the right skills, at a time coordinated with the customer and the overall service schedule.   This optimizes your tech […]

Dynamics 365 Sales

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers end-to-end web applications that work great on their own and even better together.  Each app integrates natively with Microsoft Office365, Outlook, Sharepoint, and each other so that they can be connected to other application’s data sources.


Track Leads and Opportunities

Does your business have a good system to track leads and opportunities with integration to Outlook Contacts and Email? BCA Technologies sets up Dynamics 365 so that Leads from your website immediately go to your CRM and notifies the right people to reach out to the warm lead.  Email templates can be used to send […]

Dashboards that Benefit

Owners, Sales Managers, Sales and Support staff have a tree-top view of their world with out-of-the-box dashboards that can be customized for your business.

Click, Quote, and Follow-up Made Easy

Create quotes and attach literature in easy steps.  Dashboards keep track of follow-up dates, pipeline, goals and more.  BCA Technologies can customize quote forms, workflows, reports, queries and provide training and support to make the CRM rollout a sucess for the sales force and business owners.

BCA Technologies is a Microsoft partner that meets with you to understand your business, then configures the applications with your data, and customizes the solution to meet your specific business needs and integration requirements.

BCA’s 20-year software, industry and business experience ensures your company gets a smooth transition to this modern software platform that can scale your business to the next level.

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Contact BCA Technologies for a demo and pricing to implement Dynamics 365 for your business.


eRep CPQ Software


Let’s face it, losing sales to the competition hurts

Avoid missed opportunities due to a complicated, inefficient quoting process.


We can help 

At BCA Technologies, we know the importance of simplicity, visibility, and efficiency when it comes to pricing and quoting.

That’s why we built eRep CPQ+ .



Over 30,000 happy users in 24 countries work 50% faster

and make more than

$1 Billion overall in annual sales.




Trusted by small, medium, to Fortune 500 manufacturers to increase their sales…



How it works

1. CHOOSE YOUR MODULES Your products, pricing and quoting needs are unique.

Sign up for the modules and users your team needs and get your pipeline humming.  Use the included CRM and Help Desk or connect to your own. 


2. GET FULL VISIBILITY Make decisions and take action with absolute confidence.

Create and Customize your reports and dashboards for real-time, accurate views of everything important.


3. CLOSE SALES FASTER Your sales channels want a smooth pricing and quoting experience.

Manage all your channels — anywhere on any device — for bigger, faster sales.

See for yourself



Why choose eRep configure-price-quote software?


We understand that it’s your job to increase sales and protect margins. But without a clear picture of your channels’ opportunity and quoting activities, it’s tough…

Especially when you’re managing high-value distributors and sales reps.

Your talent lies in building relationships with new leads and growing sales quickly. But it’s frustrating when you can’t get the information you need, including quoting data you can trust. This clogs up the sales process.

We created eRep CPQ+, so your sales channels can:

  • Guide users to the optimal product for their needs
  • Ensure consistent pricing and discount rules
  • Automate approvals of special pricing and engineering requests
  • Update pricing changes instantly to all sales reps
  • Live reports that improve opportunity, quote, forecasting, and management
  • Eliminate manual data entry into multiple systems
  • Dramatically exceed sales goals

We also know that shifting to a new system is a significant step. With eRep CPQ+, you get an easy-to-use quoting solution, plus 20 years of expert support for a smooth transition.

Save time supporting customers, and preparing quotes and proposals by hand.

You’ve got better things to do – like more selling.


Get full control over your quoting, pricing and sales
in real-time, on your mobile device — anytime, anywhere.



I have used several other product pricing configurators at other manufacturers and the eRep program by far is the easiest to learn, use, and keep up to date”
– T.Landers, VP Sales, Whalen Company

“eRep is designed for ease of use and speed for a busy salesperson like me. That helps me quote faster and sell more.”
– Manufacturer’s Rep for Roberts Gordon

          “eRep Parts reduced our parts department labor costs more than 60%, and we grew our parts sales over 40% in the first year.”
           – M. B., JCI


What you can do with eRep CPQ+


Adapt eRep to your products

From manufacturers to medical sales, eRep CPQ adapts to your company’s product and service options.     Sales reps love eRep because it helps them find the right products and accessories quickly.   Making it easier to price, quote and order accurately — every time.  As a result, they sell more.

Help customers find the right product

eRep guides users to the optimal products and options based on customer’s requirements. eRep does what other solutions can’t – integrated engineering selections, ROI calculations, CAD, and other tools in the hands of sales and even consultants.   We’ll adapt your eRep CPQ software to fit your company’s exact needs.


Configure and price products accurately in an instant.   From the most complex to the simplest products, sales teams can select the options and accessories accurately — on the fly, on any device.

Quoting and Ordering

Ensure consistent pricing, quoting and discounting rules. Automate generating customer-friendly quotes .  Eliminate special pricing and engineering request bottlenecks with automated workflows that organize the process. Eliminate inaccurate orders and repeated data entry.  

“One-Click” Proposals and Submittals

Create custom proposals and submittals for sales reps, channel partners, and customers in a snap.   Adding the right product sales and technical information to proposals takes time away from sales. With just one click, eRep lets you generate proposals and submittals based on quote-specific product, option, and accessory information.      

Channel management

Enhance and standardize the sales process for channel partners, VARs, and distributors.  Eliminate customer frustration due to quoting delays.   With the eRep CPQ+ built-in cloud portal, distributors and reps do their own quoting and submittals on their schedule.

Sales Reporting

Improve opportunity, quote, and sales channel management with better forecasting, information and insights.  See, share and analyze sales channel activities for greater profits. Customize reports and dashboards for quick insights.   From sales to operations, eRep helps teams manage leads, quotes, submittals, and orders with speed and accuracy.


SalesPop eCommerce Software

Lets face it, most people prefer buying online if they can – when and where they want.

SalesPop eCommerce software is a cutting edge, mobile ready, “Amazon style” eCommerce software solution for B2C and B2B online purchases.

In these digitally-connected times, your customers expect a lot from their online buying experience.  But without automated, intuitive eCommerce tools, meeting customer online demands can be challenge.

Now more than ever, your online store needs to provide customers with a familiar, streamlined, and effortless buying process.

With SalesPop, you can add selling online in days, not months.

SalesPop Features and Benefits

Increase sales by enhancing buyer’ shopping experience

  • Customers find your products easier on Google and Bing via SEO
  • Compare products with a few clicks
  • Download digital products such as apps, reports, and whitepapers
  • See and purchase related products (via cross-selling and up-selling)
  • Choose their preferred language

Simplify Ordering

  • Calculate shipping and taxes instantly
  • Accept multiple currencies
  • Provide credit card payment and PO options

Optimize Customer Service

  • Process orders with ease
  • Access customer’ purchase histories to provide support
  • Expedite returns for greater customer satisfaction
  • Enable customer review and rating features for herd buying

Streamline Back Office

  • Quickbooks Online integration
  • ERP integration
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Marketing emails
  • Manage eCommerce operations and pricing

Make every transaction easy and profitable
eCommerce sales are quickly replacing traditional phone sales as the preferred choice of your customers.

And unlike many out-of-the-box eCommerce sites, BCA Technologies can customize your eCommerce site to fit your business perfectly.  Also, you can use SalesPop stand-alone or integrated with your financial systems.

Want to see it in action? Need Pricing?

Schedule a SalesPop Demo

Customization Example:

Premiere Shows Group is a trade show company that had an outdated web eCommerce solution for trade show ticket and class sales.  They noticed that many of their customers were using phones to search and register for their trade shows.  And their system was not mobile friendly.  Therefore, they needed a modern solution to sell trade show passes and classes but only to licensed, verified professionals in their industry.

BCA Technologies customized SalesPop eCommerce to handle multiple customer types and perform automated professional license verification process and validation required prior to purchasing their tickets and classes.

The sales impact was immediate.  Premiere Shows is now using SalesPop to sell over 100,000 tickets a year at 5 trade shows.  Customers can buy tickets on their phones, computers, from sales reps, or call in.   The sales result has been spectacular.  Plus, BCA automated uploads of license data from state license databases and SalesForce sales from their reps.

This saved hundreds of hours of manual work per trade show.

​Need a eCommerce solution for your business?