Satisfaction Guarantee

BCA Technologies Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so certain of your success that we’ll give your money back if you aren’t satisfied. BCA Technologies offers powerful business automation solutions, and we’re confident enough to offer a satisfaction guarantee for a reason: it works!

With our solutions, you will see an immediate improvement in your business, your visibility into vital sales information, as well as an improvement in leads, sales, and revenue.

Limited 90-Day Guarantee

At BCA Technologies, we pride ourselves in our solutions, implementation, and training. We are committed to providing you all the resources necessary to successfully implement the software for optimal performance.

It is also imperative that YOU commit the necessary time and resources to learn and use the software as part of the process.

In fact, we are so certain of the results you will receive that we guarantee your satisfaction! If you do not see satisfactory results within 90 days of the date of your live software release, we will refund monies paid for the software service.

That’s it! Basically, by agreeing to allow us to assist you with proper implementation and training, and to work with us through any issues that might arise, you qualify for the BCA Technologies Satisfaction Guarantee!

BCA Technologies will refund any and all costs associated with the product and implementation services when the following criteria are met:

  • The cancellation/refund request is made within 90 days of software release to users.
  • All scheduled implementation and consulting sessions that are part of the Implementation Package have been completed
  • You have completed your part of the implementation and used the software during the 90-day period for the purpose intended
  • Your account with BCA Technologies is in good standing
  • A reasonable attempt has been made to resolve support issues and/or workarounds

This guarantee does not cover a return of professional service implementation fees for services rendered.

This guarantee applies to all versions of eRep, 360EnterpriseSuite, and QuickCalc.