Distributors and Sales Rep Firms

Independent Sales Reps and Distributors have the difficult job of having to do sales and prepare quotes faster and easier in this busy economy.   The challenge is to meet the response time of their customers while quoting quickly and accurately.

We are helping independent reps and distributors with several technology solutions:

Solution #1:  Allow selected customers to buy parts and simple products online

More and more, customers are looking to purchase products online (thanks to Amazon) using purchase orders and credit cards.  If a distributor does not have the eCommerce option available from their website, customers are going to look elsewhere.

For this, we offer SalesPop eCommerce which is a Amazon-like shopping experience, but it can be restricted to limited customers.  And, different customers can see different pricing.

Solution #2:   Quoting and Project Management tool that gets quotes done quickly and accurately with links to product pages

Many distributors we talk to use spreadsheets and Word documents to do their quoting.  They want to keep their existing accounting system, but just need a way for their sales and support team to create, manage, and follow-up on quotes and support the customers.

They also need to track projects and related information.

For this solution, we offer the web-based 360EnterpriseSuite Pro.

Solution #3: Have a fully Integrated Sales, Marketing, and Accounting Software

Distributors who have grown to the point where they need a better, web-based, accounting and selling system, we recommend Dynamic 365 as a full solution.

The sales staff can use the Sales and Marketing module to do the CRM and quoting process while the back office can perform Order Processing, Purchase Orders, Accounting, etc.

To find out more, like features and pricing, contact BCA Technologies for a demo.

  • Sell smarter, automate the process

  • Optimize email and LinkedIn engagement

  • Create personalized emails from templates

  • Boost productivity of Quote to Order

  • Sell anytime, anywhere

  • Gain pipeline visibility and insights

  • Integration with Outlook and Office365

BCA Technologies can customize these solution to meet your business needs