Industries We Serve



BCA Technologies and partners help public, private, large, and small manufacturers improve their sales and efficiency with solutions such as
– eRep CPQ Pro and Ultimate
– eRep Select Product Selection
– eRep Parts eCommerce
– Engineering apps
– Distributor portals
– Assembly line labeling automation software
– Pricing Strategy and Optimization
– Integration services
– Custom solutions

Distributors and Sales Rep Firms

Distributors and sales reps represents multiple manufacturers products with lots of product data and pricing. BCA provides CRM, Quoting, and eCommerce apps.

Field Service

Dynamics 365 Field Service gives service contractors world-class platform to run their business more efficiently and capture revenue faster.

Professional Services

Consulting engineering firms can benefit from BCA’s experience with the project billing for time and resource management.

Trade Show Software

Trade shows that require registration, ticket sales, event and classroom sign-ups, and professional development credits require specialized software. BCA Technologies enables attendees and trade show companies to manage one or more trade shows with the rules that apply to your industry.

Medical Sales

Lets face it – quoting DME, Home Care, and other medical services is a very time-consuming process – unless you have 360EnterpriseSuite for Medical Sales. This tool looks up the allowable prices for your care coordinator who is quoting in less than a second so the quoted price is what is allowable for the patient’s product/services in their location.

Plus, the full quote to cash process is automated with electronic billing process is also available.

Schedule a demo – you won’t believe how fast a accurate quote can be done with 360EnterpriseSuite for Medical Sales.