Engineering Software

Over 20 years of developing product selection software solutions used by tens of thousands of engineers and technical sales teams world-wide to design equipment and allow customers to select equipment.  We make it easier for customers to enter design conditions and select the right product for their situation.

Mechanical/Industrial Product Solutions Include:

  • Psychometric, air, gas, fluid properties
  • Coil heat exchangers of all types, gas, fluids
  • Fan coil unit systems
  • Chillers, starters, and accessories
  • Boilers, water heaters, burners, tanks, and accessories
  • Cooling towers
  • Air handling units, fans, VFDs, economizers, accessories
  • VAV boxes, laboratory air valves
  • Grilles, Registers, ADPI
  • Louvers, dampers, actuators, other air devices
  • Pumps, Valves, actuators, piping, insulation, filters
  • Gas tube heaters
  • Duct calculations
  • Piping calculations
  • Heat transfer calculations

Electrical Product Selection Solutions Include:

  • Power, wiring sizing
  • VFDs, control panels
  • NEC calculations
  • Electric heaters
  • Generators, and accessories
  • Control, Security, Communication Systems
  • LED lighting
  • Solar systems

Not in the above list?  No problem!  We are experts at designing user-friendly apps that make it easy for your customers and other engineers to enter design conditions and get selections.

We have mechanical and industrial engineers on staff that work with our professional development team to provide a custom solution.  We are also partners with other software and product vendors to provide a complete solution.

Contact BCA to schedule a time to discuss your situation with one of our engineers.