eRep CPQ (Sales Rep Videos)

Manufacturer’s sales reps, dealers and distributors are very busy doing quotes, revising quotes, looking up orders and shipments – among many other things. eRep CPQ role-based dashboards organizes opportunities, quotes, and orders and follow-ups so they can close more sales, more efficiently.

Sales Rep Creating a Quote

Sales reps need to find the right product, price and quote fast, with all the current pricing and option information a click away. This lets a salesperson quote more in less time. This video shows the quoting process.

eRep Fast and Easy Product Selection, Pricing, Quoting for Distributor and Sales Reps

Create a Proposal Submittal

One of a salesperson’s most time-consuming tasks is to gather all the sales and technical information for the products, options and accessories quoted. eRep’s “One Click Submittal” feature converts a manual 30 to 90 minute task to a few seconds.

eRep Submittal Generator Saves Rep 95-99% of Time

Parts – Find, Quote, Order

Sales reps also have to quote and order replacement and warranty parts. eRep’s Parts module makes it easy to find the right parts fast, prepare a quote, then order when approved.

eRep Online Parts Search > Quote > Order for Distributors

eRep’s integrated distributor portal allows sales channels around the world to select, price, quote, and order faster and easier anywhere, anytime and on any device.

eRep Dashboard Quick Access for Busy Distributors

With optional pricing optimization, the system can optimize pricing based on a variety of factors and helps the sales managers with discount allowances to protect manufacturer margins.

Multi-lingual and multi-currency features allow sales channels to grow world-wide, onboarding new reps and distributors faster and easier.

Schedule a full demo and let us show you how eRep makes the manufacturer’s internal sales, customer support, order entry, and application engineers can quote and support sales channels more efficiently.

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