Don’t Drive Your Customers to Competitors

Customers no longer have the patience for slow sales responses. They’ll seek out manufacturers and vendors who can meet their needs across all sales channels.

If you’ve got a complicated or slow response sales process, don’t offer online options, or are still using manual processes for pricing, you are probably driving your customers away. Learn what you could be doing to keep your customer base from shrinking.

The dynamics of B2B sales has changed and changed quickly.

Customers now demand to be served when and how they prefer. Any of these issues just might send them to your competition:

  • Have to call or email then wait to get pricing
  • Friction in the sales process, including limited buying options.
  • Prolonged, inefficient buying processes.
  • Lack of transparency in pricing.
  • Inability to control the buying experience.

According to Forrester, 93% of buyers prefer to buy online.

Why? Because its faster and easier.  The process can be done fast, and when and where the buyer is located.

Think of your own experience – would you rather search and buy something on Amazon, or call a salesman, tell them what you want, wait for a quote, then get an email quote, develop a PO, etc, etc.

eRep solves the problem by giving manufacturers a online platform that lets their customers (reps, distributors, and end users) log in from the manufacturer’s website and find and develop quotes themselves at the price discounts that are set up for that customer.  This platform can be set up and have customers placing orders in a couple of weeks – not years.