MultiAqua Chillers

MultiAqua manufacturers air cooled chillers including solar assisted chillers.  They sell both using independent sales reps and through OEM sale channels.  MultiAqua uses eRep ultimate to make the selection, pricing, quoting, and submittal process fast and easy.  This small family owned manufacturer has seen strong growth and is able to scale their sale rep network with eRep.

Roberts Gordon

Roberts Gordon manufacturers and sells gas fired infrared heaters in many different configurations.  BCA Technologies implemented eRep Ultimate which included designing and developing software plug-ins to calculate building heat loss and configure multiple gas heaters into one continuous system following rules.   eRep made the complex easy for less experienced sales reps to estimate the required products, price, quote and perform submittals.

Buderus Boilers

Buderus, a division of Bosch, makes industrial and commercial boilers and sells them world-wide.  eRep Ultimate is used to allow sales channels to select the right boiler for the design conditions, match the correct burner to the boiler, price, quote, and order.


Above Air HVAC

AboveAir manufacturers made to order HVAC units for computer rooms and mission critical applications.  Products range from small unitary equipment to large 100% outside air makeup air units.  eRep Ultimate does the selection, pricing, quoting, and submittals for their sales team, reducing time to quote from days to minutes.

BCA helped AboveAir organize their product nomenclature, available options, and other product information as part of the implementation process.  This allowed this small manufacturer to grow fast.

Thermacore Process

Thermacore manufacturers pre-insulated piping for cold, hot, and steam fluids and gases.  There are various configuration pricing rules and combinations of pipe, insulation, and jacket materials and diameter dimensions calculaation.  Thermacore use eRep to allow their internal customer service and sales distributors to do automated submittal packages for contractor approval.


Bosch Thermotechnology uses eRep for their sales channels who purchase Bosch heat pumps and Buderus boilers.  Their FHP brand also uses eRep for the FHP heat pumps.  Water source heat pumps are very efficient air conditioning systems that provide cooling and heating using water or geothermal water sources.   Buderus boilers provide heating hot water and domestic hot water.


FHP – Bosch Group (formerly Florida Heat Pump) uses eRep for the FHP independent rep and distributor sales channels who purchase water source heat pumps  Their FHP brand   Water source heat pumps are very efficient air conditioning systems that provide cooling and heating using water or geothermal water sources.

eRep allows consulting engineers and sales reps to enter design conditions and eRep calculates the thermo performance of the fan, motor, cooling, and heating coils for a complete engineering selection.  Sales reps can then configure price the line items and create job submittals for submittal to contractors, building owners, and consultants.

Pricing and configuration rules are imported from SAP with no human interaction so that all rules are maintained in SAP, but available to the sales channels using eReps super-fast pricing configurator.

Enviro Tec

Before Enviro-Tec was purchased by Johnson Controls,  eRep was used by Enviro-Tec’s independent rep and distributor sales channels to perform engineering selection, configuration pricing, and submittals for their fan coil units, air handling units, VAVs, and other products.  ETI sales grew from 33M to 90M in less than 5 years which helped make Enviro-Tec an attractive acquisition for JCI.

Now JCI uses the same eRep for 5 different brands selling these same products.

Pricing and configuration rules live within eRep.  eRep Orders and their line items are passed into the manufacturer’s configuration software to develop the BOM for the Fourth-Shift MRP system.

Johnson Controls

eRep is being used by Johnson Controls inside and outside sales channels to perform engineering selection, configuration pricing, and submittals for fan coil units, air handling units, VAVs, and other products.

eRep engineering calculations and product selection rules are also being used for 3 other brands in separate PC programs which BCA developed, support, and maintain for JCI business groups.


Heat Pipe Technology

Heat Pipe Technologies manufacturers a patented heat pipe product which helps air conditioning systems de-humidify air.  The process first pre-cools the air, then re-heats the air with no energy loss.  HPT uses eRep to perform the psychrometric performance calculations, heat transfer, pricing, quoting, and ordering.

One of the unique plug-ins is automatically updating Autocad submittal drawings with the correct dimensions per the customer’s specific requirements.  Since these are engineered-to-order products that can be made with any size, the combinations are endless.  eRep not only lets customers select the right product for their design conditions, but also prices it, creates custom drawings of the product, and allows the sales rep to submit the order to the factory.

Another unique feature is that eRep calculates the energy savings ROI of the product to help justify the cost to the buyer.