Heat Pipe Technology

Heat Pipe Technologies manufacturers a patented heat pipe product which helps air conditioning systems de-humidify air.  The process first pre-cools the air, then re-heats the air with no energy loss.  HPT uses eRep to perform the psychrometric performance calculations, heat transfer, pricing, quoting, and ordering.

One of the unique plug-ins is automatically updating Autocad submittal drawings with the correct dimensions per the customer’s specific requirements.  Since these are engineered-to-order products that can be made with any size, the combinations are endless.  eRep not only lets customers select the right product for their design conditions, but also prices it, creates custom drawings of the product, and allows the sales rep to submit the order to the factory.

Another unique feature is that eRep calculates the energy savings ROI of the product to help justify the cost to the buyer.