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Learn what team of people you would need to build your own CPQ software, and why building can be much
For noise-producing equipment, it is an advantage to calculate the resulting noise to achieve occupational comfort.
If a sales manager could click and see the opportunities, quoting and sales activities of their sales channels this week,
In the HVAC industry, making  your reps and distributors have to wait for a quote from the factory causes opportunities
I just did a very interesting software demo for a manufacturer's rep firm who sells boilers, pumps, valves, tanks, and
Customers no longer have the patience for slow sales responses. They'll seek out manufacturers and vendors who can meet their
One of our clients was selling parts to their sales channels and customers in a traditional way.  The manufacturer's parts
eCommerce sales is quickly augmenting, and in many cases, replacing traditional B2C and B2B sales channels as the preferred choice
We are often asked, what is the difference between eRep CPQ+ and SalesPop eCommerce? eRep is designed for manufacturers and